Why I Hire Professional Artists

I’m a brand new writer. Never written and released a book before. Never knew how to write and release a book before. Still learning how to do all of this. But when I sat down to get to work, I almost immediately knew that I was going to hire a professional artist to help bring my idea to life. I didn’t do this because I wanted to make big bucks. I almost assuredly won’t even make my money back for the art work, let alone the editor, the cost of classes etc…

I hired an artist because I wanted people to be able to see what was in my head, and maybe better relate to the writing through the pictures that an expert could provide. But I got so much more!

Working with a professional artist actually allowed me to figure out issues with the story and improve on ideas and scenes based on the artwork itself. Plus, having a bit of a collaborator on the project held me to certain deadlines and standards that I would not have necessarily done otherwise. It gave me someone to talk more in-depth about the project and to bounce ideas off of.

My main regret is not involving more pro-people in this book and not consuming more time of the professionals I did involve. It ended up being an invaluable resource.

Plus there’s this:

Here’s the artist’s (Todd Gamble’s) version of my character, Mizgot.



And here’s my attempt (which Todd based his on!)… I know… Nailed it…


I would’ve paid double to avoid having to put my own artwork in — sorry Todd… 🙂

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